Below are the frequently asked questions by most of our customers. Browse through them if you have any concerns, but if you need more clarification on any area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

FAQ on Purchasing Reports

  1. How to I order for the car history report?
  2. To order for your car history report, enter the Vehicle Identification Number and the state where the vehicle is registered in the form below. You will then complete the single page purchase form and once you submit payment, the car report history will be sent directly to your email.

  3. What is a VIN?
  4. VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, refers to a unique alphanumeric combination assigned to every vehicle. It comprises of 17 characters and does not include I, O and Q.

  5. What if my VIN is not 17 characters long?
  6. If your VIN is not 17 characters long, then it is likely from a pre-1989 car. However, be sure to double check to ascertain that you copied the correct VIN and indeed, it is less than 17 characters long.

  7. How about the pre-1989 cars?
  8. Before 1989, the lengths of VIN varied between 11 and 17 characters. We can only issue car reports for cars with 17 character VINs. We thus have limited information on the cars manufactured prior to 1989.

  9. Where do I get VIN?
  10. The VIN is always on the car itself, either on the door posts where the door latches when closed or on the dashboard. The VIN will also be present on the registration and insurance documents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car History Reports

  1. What is a car history report?
  2. This is a comprehensive report detailing the reported history of any used car registered in Australia. It is designed to give you significant information about the car, including the PPSR certificate. Some of the information you get from a car history report include:

    • The PPSR report
    • Written off status check
    • Stolen car status
    • If the odometer reading is consistent with the reading that were previously recorded
    • Past sales listings
    • Emission & safety ratings
    • The expected current worth of the car in the market
  3. Why get a car history report?
  4. The car history report will bring to your attention vital information about the car, and which may help in informing your decision on whether or not to purchase the vehicle.

  5. What is a PPSR report?
  6. This is a national check for financial liabilities which may have been registered against a car. It is what replaced the state based REVS registers since January 2012. Through the report, you will get all the details about financial encumbrances to let you know if there are any financial interests attached to the car prior to purchasing it. This is to shield you from inheriting debts or liabilities which ought to have been the responsibility of the previous owner.

  7. What is “encumbrance” under the context?
  8. An encumbrance is a term used to refer to cars being searched with the suspicion of them having outstanding finances registered against them. These could be debts relating to the purchase of the car by the previous owner or owners.

  9. What if the car I searched returned as “stolen”?
  10. Don’t buy any car whose status is reported as stolen. Do your investigation and direct all your queries regarding that car to the police.

  11. Are there sample reports I can view?
  12. You can access sample reports on the products pages listed under our “services” page

  13. Is it possible to get a report using the plate number or the chassis number alone?
  14. No, Car history reports are generated only using the VIN, which is the prime unique identifier of all cars ever used on the Australian soil.

  15. Must my VIN be correct for me to purchase the car history report?
  16. Yes, this is very important and if not, you will be getting a report for another car you may not know anything about and using such a report will be very misleading to you.

FAQ about Privacy & Security

  1. Do the car reports come with the name of the owner?
  2. No, the Privacy Act does not allow the divulgence of personal information without a prior written consent from the concerned party.

  3. Is it a must that I use my date of birth when ordering the report?
  4. It is not entirely necessary but rather for convenience. It is normally requested and used as the password you will use to access your report from your inbox. This is because it is easy to remember.

  5. Why I’m I being asked for the odometer reading?
  6. This is needed to help ensure that the car you are interested in has not been wound back. The reading is also used to customize the report for the actual age of the car.

  7. Where do you get your information from?
  8. We collate our data from a variety of different motor industry bodies, government departments, the private sector automotive industry and insurance companies amongst others.

  9. Is it safe to use my credit card online to purchase the report?
  10. Yes, we do not store sensitive information such as credit card details and also we adhere to strict international Purchasing Card Industry Data Security guidelines.


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Vehicle Report Identifier PPSR Report
Car Search VIN $12
Motorbike Search VIN $12
Truck Search VIN $12
Boat Search VIN/HIN $12