Car History Reports provide users of the site with vehicle information and reports using an online information service, also known as vehicle information service.

  1. Application Terms
  2. The terms and conditions stated on this page refer to the terms of use and they govern how you access and use the website and the vehicle information services unless stated otherwise. By using the website and the Vehicle Information Services, you accept the terms of use stated on this website. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions stated on this page, then you must not use this website and the Vehicle Information Services.

  3. Terms
  4. You have the rights to request us to provide you with the reports based on the type of the Car History Report Pack you have purchased during the periods that you will specify. There will be no refunds for unused reports and the Car History Reports are non-refundable. You will not be notified that the period which your ordered the report for is about to elapse.

  5. Privacy Policy Acknowledgement
  6. You agree that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy. It is a must for you to comply with the Privacy Policy which may change from time to time without giving you any prior warning. However, you must note that the policy is not part of the Terms of Use. In case of any inconsistency between the two, the Terms of Use shall prevail.

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  8. You allow us to collect and use your personal information as a user of the website and any other information relating to the activities of users on this website. In some occasions, we may collect and use depersonalized information. (these are information that don’t identify you as a user). We may collect and use anonymous and personalized information on the activities of the users on the website such as tracking their usernames. The information we collect in such a manner may be applied to marketing purposes. When that happens, the information collected may be shared or disclosed to our corporate partners. You agree that we and our partners can collect and share or disclose your personal information for the purposes of contacting you about our various goods and services. You agree to receive information through email, SMS or any other electronic communication by mail or phone.

    You expressly consent to-:

    1. the personal information collected from you can be used for our own statistical purposes
    2. In instances you have agreed that your information be shared with our corporate partners, we may receive a fee for that.


  9. Ownership of the Site’s content
  10. You accept that all the materials displayed on this site are owned by us or are licensed to use by us and are protected by trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property law that may be relevant. These include but are not limited to all the information such as text, software, tools, images, results obtained from the use of software and tools, logos, trademarks, advertisements, names etc. At no given time should you use, modify, adapt, print, display, store, reproduce, create derivatives, publish, download onto a computer post, transmit, upload to third party sites or distribute the content.

    Even if you get the content in a form that is technically easy to be modified, that should never be construed as a grant of permission to modify the content unless you are expressly authorized at the time of the delivery.

  11. Access to the Site
  12. You are free to access the website through a web browser and save an electronic version or print out a copy of parts of the content without making any modifications primarily for your personal use, research, or study. You are prohibited from accessing the site or its content for any other purposes which may be dimmed as illegal or against the laws that protect the use of the site and its contents.

    We encourage you to take your own precautions to ensure that while using the site you are not exposed to viruses, malware and other forms of attacks that might be lethal to your online security or the safety of the device you are using to access our site. We will not accept any liability for any form of interference suffered by you or your computer as a result of accessing the Site.


  13. Availability
  14. You acknowledge that we provide you with the Vehicle Information Services through the internet using communications links and other networks and that the availability of these services is only possible when the communication links and the other networks are available. We have taken all the reasonable steps to ensure that services we have undertaken to provide will be available; however, we will not be responsible in instances when the links and networks are unavailable. We do not give any guarantees that the Vehicle Information Services and the Site will be available at all times.

  15. Procedures
  16. You agree that you will comply will these terms and conditions and adhere to any procedure or other instructions provided by us when you are using the Vehicle Information Services. You also agree that you will keep any username, password, or other information used for identification given to you on the site safe, confidential and secure. You also agree that any information used for identification given to you will not disclosed or transferred to any third party and you will alert us if you no longer need it. Should we ask you to stop using the identifiers or use a replacement identifier we may give you, you agree that you will comply.

  17. Supply of Reports
  18. Each Report will be supplied to you after your request for that particular report is accepted.

  19. Vehicle Buyback Insurance
  20. When you buy a Car History Report, you automatically receive a Vehicle Buy Back Insurance in accordance with and subject to the stated terms and conditions.

    It is a must that you give true, current, complete and accurate information. If you provide false information, you have a duty to notify us and have the information updated accordingly.

    You agree and acknowledge that if you give wrong information or hidden material information, then the insurer is under no obligation to pay the full amount of cover. If you or anyone or a third party attempts on your behalf attempts to get cover using a fraudulent means, then this may lead to the policy being declared null and void. It implies that there will be no rights to any kinds of payment or indemnity under the policy. Additionally, all the benefits or claims regarding any fraudulent means must be repaid either to us or the insurer.

  21. Ownership of Reports
  22. You agree that we and our licensors own all the intellectual property rights and nothing in these Terms of Use can transfer the ownership to you. You also acknowledged that part of the reports may include information availed to us by third parties.

  23. Use of the Reports
  24. The reports given to you are strictly your personal use and only for the purposes for which they were supplied.

    If reports are delivered to you electronically, you are free to retain one electronic copy of the report on your personal computer. You are also free to print one hard copy for the report for your file.

    If you are a business organization, in addition to the liberties granted above, you are permitted to print three copies of the report which you can then display at your place of businesses and avail hard copies of the report to potential clients.

  25. Our Charges
  26. It is your acknowledgment that we have no obligations whatsoever to supply you with reports until-:

    1. We receive an order for report submitted by you via the online form
    2. You give us a valid credit number which will be used for processing payment when you are making the order
    3. Your payment is successfully processed.

    You agree to supply us with your payment details which we may give to third parties for the purposes of processing the payments for your report. A third party will be responsible for processing the payment and you must agree to the terms and conditions of the third party as well.

  27. Limitations and Liabilities
  28. Certain laws and legislations may imply conditions or warranties or impose obligations which may include statutory consumer guarantees that can’t be restricted, excluded or modified unless to a very limited extent. The Terms of Use stated herein must not be superior to those statutory provisions.

    To the extent allowed by law, we exclude all implied or express guarantees, representations, warranties, conditions, and terms which may relate to the use of this site as well as the Vehicle Information Services which may apply or implied by custom, statute or law or otherwise, apart from those included out in these Terms of Use.

    To the extent permitted by law, we have no liability to you or anyone else for any kind of loss or damage, which you may suffer or might occur if it were not for this clause.

  29. Termination
  30. Your access to this site may be terminated by us without reason and without prior notice. The Terms of Use will not be affected by such terminations.

  31. Governing Law
  32. The Terms of Use set out on this page are governed by the laws in use in New South Wales, Australia. You hereby agree to be a subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales, Australia.


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